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Moscow is a lively city reflecting a perfect blend of modernization and traditional architecture. Being the capital city of the world’s largest country, Russia, Moscow is the center of government’s legislature and judiciary system. The city reflects two sides of the same coin: on the one hand the historic spirit of the old Russian Empire, the czardom, is evident with every step between world renowned buildings like the Kremlin, the Red Square or the St. Basil’s Cathedral. On the other hand, Moscow features an impressive skyline of architecturally breathtaking skyscrapers representing the modern side of the city.


The Moscow River, which is part of the Volga River system, passes the city of Moscow along its 502 km of length. The Volga itself is the most important river of Western Russia and the largest river of Europe. The facts are impressive: 3530 km river length, more than 8.000 m3/s mean discharge and a catchment area of 1.360.000 km2 prove its enormous size.


Due to its great size, Russia features many other rivers besides this very prominent and well known one, which rank among the world’s largest: Dnepr, Ob/Irtysh, Yenisei, Amur, Lena and Tunguska. Large parts of their catchments are situated in subarctic and artic regions which make them sensitive to changes in temperature. Climate Change as major future challenge imposes great stress on these riverine systems. Therefore, the World’s Large Rivers Conference 2021 in Moscow will put strong emphasis on research related to Climate Change, not only regarding Siberian rivers, but fluvial systems worldwide.


So take the opportunity to participate in this conference on the World’s Large Rivers and visit the fascinating country of Russia and its lively capital Moscow.


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