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We are happy and proud to announce a highly ranked line-up of keynote speakers:


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Dr. Alexander GELFAN

Dr.Sci. in Phys. & Math, Deputy Director,

Water Problems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

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Keynote Topic:

Cold Region and Arctic Hydrology

Dr. Ellen WOHL

Professor of Geology and University Distinguished Professor

Dept of Geosciences, Colorado State University, USA

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Keynote Topic:

Messy Rivers are Healthy Rivers: the Role of Spatial Heterogeneity in Sustaining River Ecosystems

Dr. Jim BEST

Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Science, Mechanical Science and Engineering

Department of Geology, University of Illinous Urbana-Champagin

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Keynote Topic:

Anthropogenic Stresses on Large Rivers - An Update and Expansion of the Nature Geo Review from 2019




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