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Vienna Declaration
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The Vienna Declaration has been discussed and in principle adopted by the participants in a Discussion Forum during the World's Large Rivers Conference on Wednesday, 13th of April 2011.


The comments of the participants have been collected and have been integrated in the final version.


This final version has been distributed to all of the participants and organizations (UNESCO, IAHR, IAHS, WASER,...) for further dissemination.




Worlds Large Rivers Initiative

Further, the Vienna Declaration was presented to the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO and now forms the basis for the World’s Large Rivers Initiative which intends to improve knowledge and management of large rivers all over the world by various activities. These activities comprise the creation of a global overview of the status and future of WLRs as well as knowledge transfer by establishing a Global Observatory, the formulation of a collaborative International Action Plan as well as the establishment of a World River Forum, World Rivers Day and WLR Commission Meetings.


More information about the World's Large Rivers Initiative can be found here.





Final version of the Vienna Declaration   [pdf_1MB]

Final version of the Vienna Declaration   [pdf_print_version_12MB]









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